Online workshop: Understanding access and reimbursement

This workshop will outline the basics of access and reimbursement: what it means, when it happens, and who is involved. It will also explore the key ways in which patient groups can contribute to the process and what should they be prepared for.

How Patient Involvement is Making a Difference in HTA: PCIG Webinar

HTAi’s Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA Interest Group (PCIG) will be looking at "Stakeholders' perspectives of impact in patient involvement in HTA." The project team collects and evaluates multi-stakeholder perspectives about the perceived difference patient involvement has made in specific HTAs or HTA processes. The team and invited speakers will share case examples of […]

Walk the Talk: Health For All Challenge, WHO

The World Health Organization will organize the 3rd edition in Geneva of the “Walk the Talk: Health For All Challenge” on Sunday 22 May, on the morning of the World Health Assembly. This in-person event will invite participants to run or walk over two routes: 3 km and 4.2 km. People of all ages and abilities […]