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Suggested messages for social media. Personalize and translate posts. Add hashtags, handles, links and images for greater impact. The hashtags for the campaign are #Resolution4Rare and #LeaveNoOneBehind.

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On the #Resolution4Rare Toolkit

Join #Resolution4Rare ! We are urging countries to adopt a UN Resolution for Persons Living with a #RareDisease. Visit @rarediseasesint @eurordis @ngorarediseases for advocacy materials and a social media kit to spread the word.

Tools page

Join the call for a UN Resolution! @eurordis @rarediseasesint & @ngorarediseases are launching the #Resolution4Rare tools page. Use the tools and social media kit to contact policy makers and spread the word.

New materials will be uploaded every month.

Hear our voices! The community of Persons Living with a #RareDisease demands attention from their countries and the #UnitedNations. Join #Resolution4Rare!

Use the tools to spread the word and contact policy makers.

Want to join the call for a UN Resolution? Visit the #Resolution4Rare tools page. Find social media images, posts and template letters to reach out to policy makers. Your voice counts!

Visit @rarediseasesint @eurordis & @ngorarediseases

On PLWRD and their Families

300 million people live with a #RareDisease. The 300 million and their families need inclusion in society and respect of their human rights. Join #Resolution4Rare. Call for #HumanRights for all.

Tool kit:

On UN Representatives and Policy Makers

UN Member States are championing the call for a UN Resolution. Tell your UN Representative how a Resolution could impact on the lives of Persons Living with a #RareDisease. #Resolution4Rare


Every country counts. Each vote counts. Call for all 193 States of the UN General Assembly to adopt a Resolution on Person Living with a #RareDisease. Reach out to national authorities.

Find a template letter – #Resolution4Rare

It’s time. #COVID19 has acerbated preexisting health, social and economic inequalities. To build more equitable societies, we need decisive action to address the needs of Persons Living with a #RareDisease.


The call for #HumanRights is always urgent. The call for inclusion must never wait. Speak to national policy makers and UN Representatives. Join @rarediseasesint @eurordis @ngorarediseases. Call for a UN Resolution in 2021

Tools on #Resolution4Rare


Join the call for a UN Resolution on Persons Living with a Rare Disease and their Families in 2021. Rare Diseases International, the NGO Committee for Rare Diseases and EURORDIS are launching the #Resolution4Rare tools page.

Visit :

#Resolution4Rare tools & materials are free and can be used by anyone

Tools are designed to empower persons living with a rare disease, their families, civil society groups and the public to be part of an international call urging UN Member States to adopt a UN Resolution before the year ends.

Find modifiable and translatable advocacy materials and a social media toolkit to raise awareness. Use the materials on all social media channels.  

New tools in more languages will be uploaded every month.

This is common effort. Every voice counts.