Notre équipe

Flaminia Macchia
Executive Director
Dolores Cvitičanin
Public Affairs Manager
Mary Wang
Science Policy Manager
Ayda Ramazzina
Governance & Development Manager
Hlawulani Mkhabela
Strategic Engagement Manager
Veronica Lopez Gousset
Programme Manager
Nida Hasan
Global Capacity Building Junior Manager
Laura Philidor
Junior Communications Manager
Matt Bolz-Johnson
Programme Director - Collaborative Global Network for Rare Diseases
Concha Mayo
Programme Manager - Collaborative Global Network for Rare Diseases
Allison Watson
Programme Manager

Les Bénévoles :

Claudia Hirawat
Senior Liaison to the UN System (New York) EURORDIS International Advocacy Team
Lucia Monaco
RDI Global State of the Art Resource (GSoAR) Volunteer
Paola Ricci
Senior Liaison in Geneva – EURORDIS International Advocacy Team
Noël Wathion
EURORDIS Representative for Regulatory Science and International Policy